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There's an old saying "You reap what you sow". We strongly believe that the key to achieving excellence lies in a strong foundation. This is why, we have started our foundation courses to cultivate minds from a young age itself. Starting from Std VI, Rao StartSmart lets kids explore the various avenues that science has to offer to them.

Our foundation courses lays the blueprint, upon which, a child can build his dream. Our endeavor is to nurture the young minds, creating a sense of curiosity in them and giving them the confidence and skills to pursue their dream. The philosophy behind establishing such a course is to teach the fundamentals of Maths and Science. This enables a student to start early, giving them a big advantage for the future. It also helps them crack examinations like IIT JEE, Medical-UG, KVPY, NTSE, Olympiads etc since all these courses are very much based on the fundamental concepts.

The course is specifically designed to provide a strong foundation of basic concepts in Science and Maths. Instead of forcing our methods and cramming the information, students are encouraged to systematically understand the concepts and invent their own methods for solving the problems. We always try to make the classes engaging and engrossing for the student, so that the students actively participate in the class developing a love for Maths and Science.