Vice Chairman's Message

Seamless learning & continuous knowledge gathering are facilitated via the instilling of the competitive spirit, actually taking the competition head-on and learning the lessons from the outcomes, to further improve performance. Such a learning & preparation, especially, for one of the toughest exams of the world, is the end result of a number of continuous processes which run simultaneously for enabling the best outcome for the student. Our academic & non-academic functional areas have been closely aligned to enable such excellent outcomes.

In the academic space,

First and foremost of our strengths include an esteemed faculty with proven track records in IIT and medical entrance coaching. The output of our faculty's teamwork is an innovative curriculum that helps to mould our students' inborn intelligence at the highest possible level. We constantly revise and fine-tune our curriculum to match the demands of the newer methods of competitive testing. This applies even to the CET exams which have been brought back for state engineering and medical seats. We have put together a curriculum and course module that makes success in these exams easier. We attempt things that could change your life in general and career in particular. Our faculty is always anxious to help any student at any time. We lend everything that helps the students to excel in their career. We are eager to see you succeed. Our true happiness is in seeing you achieve your dreams.

The back-end guys of the academic space always make sure that students do not ever encounter the confusion over getting the required material or any seamless cancelling of classes due to some reason or the other, only the rarest of reason gets qualified for such a change. The department is equipped with state of the art software for maintaining an accurate record of each and every activity related to the student needs, to ensure zero wastage of time.

Further, Rao IIT provides one of the most comprehensive testing platforms covering the length and breadth of the country, thus, exposing the students to the broadest possible competition so as to let them gauge their preparation. The assessment or the after test support mechanism has been made impeccable in the sense that full scale analysis of the applied concepts, short tricks and time saving techniques, is provided to the student after each and every such test.

Apparently there is no alternative to hard work & smart work, what is needed is a dedicated mind - a mind that is devoted to the studies with full fervor coupled with unwavering determination, with the right enabling environment. We a Rao IIT, strive to be such enablers.

           Learning is a continuous process, consciously or unconsciously; it is the urge to learn, preparation to unlearn and decision to relearn, that differentiates winners from others. 

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Mr Jogeshwar Rao
(Vice Chairman)