Offered Courses

StartSmart Pre-Foundation Course For JEE & Medical-UG - For Std VI To X Studying Students

Course Level

During Std VI : Homi Bhabha / NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM

During Std VII : NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM

During Std VIII : NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM / Ganit Prabhutva

During Std IX : NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM / NSEJS / PRE RMO / Homi Bhabha

During Std X :NTSE / NSTSE / iPM / NSO / iOS / iMO / iOM / NSEJS / PRE RMO.

Course Duration

1 year during studying in Class VI / VII / VIII / IX / X

Admission Procedure

Aptitude test along with a Personal Interview


Class V to IX studying students

Course Fees

Fees One Time: Rs. 75,000 + GST

Note: 10% additional discount applicable if full fees paid in one time

This one year course is ideal for those who wish to start early in their quest to quench the thirst for knowledge and move on towards success in the future competitions at national and international levels. This course emphasizes on:

1.Building strong foundation and imbibing the fundamentals from the very basic to the highest level of competition in Maths and Science enriching their aptitude and scientific temperament.

2.Sharpening logical and analytical thinking and evolving their reasoning and thinking process which make them capable of solving complex problems with ease and confidence.

3.Imparting right Time Management skills that are required to face any competitive exam with maximum output.

4.Comprehensive coverage of the Board syllabus along with additional inputs for the pre-foundation in various scholarship and competitive exams; more importantly for the JEE, Medical-UG and Olympiads.