About Chairman

Dr. B.V. Rao, our Chairman, is a living example of boundless commitment to teaching and students's success.He did his Master of Science in Organic Chemistry from Andhra University, M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Madras and Ph.D. in Material Science from IIT Delhi.

He was the Principal Scientist with SPRC - a research centre of the J.K. Synthetics Ltd.For many years ,he had been an External Examiner for M.Tech. and Ph.D. examination. He has also published more than 20 research papers in Journals of International repute and has 14 patents to his credit.

He is the recipient of several awards, including "Chairman's audit for Quality award from J.K. Organization (1989)" , " Dr. Hari Om Ashram Award from ATIRA (1989)" ," Dr. H.C. Shrivastava Award from ATIRA (1989,1983,1996)","I.C.M.A. Award from Indian Chemical Manufacturing Association(1990)" and "N.R.D.C. Award from Government of India(1994)".

By his excellent teaching and guidance for the last several years he has shaped the career of over 12,000 students successfully by enabling them to take berth in various IITs so far and the journey continues as a crusade.

Dr.B.V.Rao (Chairman Of Rao IIT Academy)

He devotes optimum time to the class-room teaching in order to quench his passion for teaching. He believes that teaching is not just a vocation for him but a life-time ambition to fulfill. He believes that everyone can achieve their goals, provided one gets right guidance, right direction to move on for the success in the competitive world.

Dr. B.V. Rao adds that in pursuance to help the students, a teacher must know clearly well that setting the goal of the students and the process of teaching should be planned systematically. According to him, building a strong concept of theories and application of concepts through practice by regular problem solving, setting the right strategies, giving assistance for proper time management and temperament control all through the preparation phase and the examination, frequent evaluation of the progress and taking corrective measures are considered vital since the ultimate parameter of a good teacher is the success of his students in the tough competition.