Offered Courses

StartSmart Pre-Foundation Course For JEE & Medical-UG - For Std VIII Studying Students

Course Level

PCMB + Mental Ability. Boards subjects will be covered during std X for CBSE / ICSE students only . Competitive exams includes NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM / NSEJS / PRE RMO / Homi Bhabha

Course Duration

5 years during studying in Class VIII / IX / X / XI / XII

Admission Procedure

Aptitude test along with a Personal Interview


Class VII studying student moving to VIII

Course Fee

Fees One Time: Rs. 5,80,000 + GST (For Engineering)

Course Fee

Fees One Time: Rs. 5,30,000 + ST (For Medical)

Bright students who aspire to get into elite courses at IIT or AIIMS must attain a very high rank against some very tough competition which is getting tougher year after year. For example, to get admission into IIT Bombay (Computer Science) or AIIMS Delhi (Medical), one needs to have a rank in the top 60 and 36 respectively.

For students having such aspirations, it's crucial and prudent to start early. Also, if a student is focused along with a clarity regarding his/her career, it's helpful and wise not to waste time till class 10th. The sooner you start, the better it is. Keeping this in mind, Rao IIT, for the first time in Mumbai has taken up the initiative by launching a 3 year course for these bright students with big aspirations. The course is specifically designed to guarantee the highest level of training possible. This increases the chances of selection, that too with an excellent rank.

In the first three years it covers the entire course, revising it twice in the fourth year. This prepares them for all kinds of competitive exams, be it JEE (Main & Advanced), AIIMS, Olympiads, NTSE or even the boards.

It's a course that rather than just cramming information and syllabus, teaches the students the fundamentals of Math & Science instilling in them a sense of curiosity, which encourages them to explore on their own. This gives them the confidence to pursue and achieve their dreams.